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January, 2018
American Meteorological Society 98th Annual Meeting and Exhibition Austin, Texas, January 7-11, 2018
April, 2018
Intermet Asia '18 - SUNTEC, SINGAPORE 11-12 APRIL 2018.




The Republic Group (TRG) has since its inception in 1958 been devoted to the international marketing and sale of high technology products, systems and services. We have two main areas of expertise which we bring to bear in support of our global customer base:

  • Advanced Hydro-Meteorological Systems for weather monitoring & forecasting, and Disaster Management Support. Our clients include National Weather Services, Civil Aviation Agencies, Water Management Authorities, and national Electrical Utilities, to name a few.
  • Distribution of Electronic Components in support of system manufacturers throughout Europe and Asia who need reliable and cost-effective access to the latest commercial and military components, sourcing support for discontinued items, and just-in-time inventory management services.

To support these activities, TRG maintains offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Close contact with our clients and careful attention to their needs is maintained in this fashion. We also have an exclusive network of in-country representatives who develop new business and provide day-to-day local support for our clients in more than 120 countries around the world. The TRG Team has a well-deserved reputation for professionalism, reliability and superb performance under pressure. Consider us the people who can and will make the impossible happen for you – we thrive on challenge!


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