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Please see below a comprehensive list of the products we offer:




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Antennas for Communications
Antennas for Communications (AFC) manufactures, markets and sells worldwide satellite dish antennas, conical horn antennas, radomes, antenna feeds, microwave and waveguide components and ultra low transmission loss waveguide called Tallguide ®. Our customers serve the satellite, broadcast, communications, radar, weather and cable industry, defense, government, and government agencies. AFC has been in the radome business since 1972 and offers a series of rigid, free-standing ‘spherical’ and ‘faceted geodesic’ radome designs in sizes ranging from 3.0-ft to 110-ft in diameter. The radomes are being utilized in support of a wide variety of Government, Military, Weather and Commercial systems using dielectric and impedance matching technology to achieve superior structural and RF performance. Visit AFC’s homepage at www.afcsat.com. For detailed radome technical information, visit the radome network home page at www.radome.net
Earth Networks  


For additional information: akleess@earthnetworks.com

Total Lightning Detection Solutions
For more than 20 years Earth Networks (EN) has operated the world’s largest and most comprehensive weather observation, lightning detection, and climate networks. The Earth Networks Total Lightning Network ™ is the first in-cloud lightning and cloud-to-ground detection network deployed on a global basis. In-cloud lightning serves as an early indicator of extreme weather. EN’s unique lightning detection technology provides advanced severe weather prediction and alerting for cloud to ground (CG) lightning strikes, tornadoes, cyclones, heavy rainfall, monsoons, downburst winds and wind shear. Our observations inform and alert consumers, enterprises and governments around the world, providing them with advanced environmental intelligence for decision making and safety.


For additional information: sales@eecradarintl.com

Weather Radar and Surface Weather Systems
With tight focus on high quality, Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC) continues to deliver technologically superior meteorological radar systems both in the US and abroad. As a result the forecasting future for EEC worldwide customers is bright! The entire EEC product line leads the industry in PERFORMANCE with innovation as the standard ingredient in every EEC weather radar. Recent innovations include patented simultaneous dual polarization designs, ultra-high definition signal processing and displays that provide true insight into storm and weather event structure and behavior. EEC provides absolutely the best clutter rejection in the business and a completely updated software system with more useful products making life much easier for meteorologists and hydrologists alike.



For additional information: mike@therepublicgroup.com

Meteorological Message Switching and System Integration
ES&S is the largest Australian company specializing meteorological, hydrological and seismological products and services and has been operating for more than 20 years. ES&S has offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, and representatives in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, India, Philippines, US, Canada and Chile. ES&S supplies EEC weather radars and associated radar data processing and display systems to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and other National Meteorological Services in the Southeast Asia and Pacific region. ES&S also designs and manufactures meteorological satellite ground stations and processing systems, water monitoring sensors and loggers, oceanographic sensors and systems and seismological equipment and software. It specializes in integrated solutions comprising data processing and display, message switching and forecaster workstations. ES&S has more than 100 systems operating in Australia and overseas.



For additional information: laura.escamilla@detect-inc.com


MERLIN Avian Radar Systems
The DeTect MERLIN™ Avian Radar System is the most advanced and proven technology available for monitoring and reducing aircraft-bird strike risk at military and civilian airports, and to reduce hazards to birds represented by windfarms, mining and other industrial operations. The MERLIN™ radar system is available in versions tailored to address both Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance and Environmental Applications. The system can readily be upgraded to provide Air, Surface and Perimeter Surveillance functionality for applications requiring those capabilities by adding DeTect’s HARRIER Surveillance & Security Radar processor.

DeTect Drone Surveillance Solutions
DeTect's DroneWatcher system delivers a flexible, highly customizable multi-layered solution for finding, tracking, alerting and interdiction of drones/UAVs. Each DeTect technology can be used as a stand alone sensor or can be combined to provide the level of security specific to each user's requirements. Additionally, the technology is upgradable to meet the security challenges presented by continually evolving drone capabilities, features and threats.
The DroneWatcher APP, available through Google Play in free, Pro and Pro Premium versions provide a low cost effective technology for protecting personal privacy and for small business security. For higher level security requirements, the APP can be integrated with the DroneWatcher RF and/or HARRIER Drone Surveillance Radar to provide 100% security for covered airspace.




For additional information: rrissland@trgusa.net

Radiosondes and Upper Air Sounding Systems
InterMet is one of the world's leading suppliers of radiosondes and atmospheric sensors. Our products are used in over 40 countries to monitor the world's climate and provide a better understanding of the forces affecting our daily weather. InterMet radiosondes are used by national weather services to prepare accurate weather forecasts, and by universities and research institutions to study critical aspects of global climate change. Our UAV sensor packages are leading the way in using the latest drone technologies to study the atmospheric boundary layer and atmospheric chemistry. 4 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.


For additional information: rissland@radiometrics.com





Profiling Radiometers
Radiometrics Corporation designs, develops and manufactures microwave radiometers for atmospheric remote sensing. The Radiometrics MP-3000A Microwave Profiler is a rugged hyper-spectral radiometer that delivers continuous temperature, humidity and liquid profiles that are essential for accurate high-impact local weather forecasting. Using proprietary technology to ensure optimum performance in a highly portable package, the radiometer design has been proven during millions of hours of worldwide operations. Patented frequency agility, state-of-the-art component technology, modular design and proprietary Rain Effect Mitigation ensure optimum, cost-effective operations at any location in nearly all weather conditions. The MP-3000A is free from electromagnetic or acoustic emissions and operates reliably during high winds and precipitation. It is the instrument of choice wherever continuous upper air thermodynamic soundings are needed for accurate high-impact local weather and dispersion forecasting.

Radiometrics has acquired the assets of Atmospheric Systems Corporation (“ASC”), manufacturer of advanced sodar profiler hardware and software tools (www.minisodar.com) for wind profiling in the lower boundary layer. Radiometrics currently offers technical support, parts and repairs for all ASC sodar products, and is integrating the ASC MiniSodar product line into its manufacturing plan.


For additional information: laura.escamilla@radiometrics.com

Radar Wind Profilers
Radiometric’s RAPTOR™ Radar Wind Profiler (RWP) product line is a field-proven implementation of the latest technical advances, resulting in RWP systems optimized for unattended operation and provision of continuous profiles of vertical and horizontal winds for weather forecasting, aviation, space and military applications. RAPTOR RWP systems operate at frequencies between 50-1290 MHz (nominal) and can be configured to address a broad range of Boundary Layer thru Tropospheric/Stratospheric profiling needs, with power, antenna-size and transmit frequency tailored to satisfy country- and application-specific requirements.
High Sierra  



For additional information: robert.rissland@micropulselidar.com

Aerosol Lidars
The Sigma Space MPL and MiniMPL are sophisticated laser remote sensing systems that provide continuous, unattended monitoring of clouds and aerosols. Advances in lidar technology, in recent years, have led to more sophisticated observation and reporting of meteorological parameters for modeling and forecasting. From boundary layer dynamics to cloud layer mapping, lidars are fast becoming the instrument of choice to perform high spatial and temporal resolution atmospheric measurements. Traditional lidars have been replaced by much smaller and manageable solutions, which allow atmospheric scientists and researchers free mobility for new and demanding applications.


For additional information: laura.escamilla@wdt-intl.com

Nowcasting and Forecasting Services and Solutions
Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) offers a wide variety of Nowcasting technologies that automatically analyze radar, satellite and surface data, generate accurate precipitation estimates and forecasts (QPE & QPF), and predict hazardous weather phenomena up to four hours in advance. WDT’s custom Weather Decision Support Systems (WDSS) are based on integrated advanced algorithmic analysis tools developed at and licensed from such centers of excellence as the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL), the University of Oklahoma, McGill University and MIT Lincoln Labs and integrated by WDT into reliable operational solutions. WDT is also an acknowledged leader in the provision of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) systems utilizing the respected Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model. WDT designs, builds and delivers these Nowcasting and NWP solutions in the form of customized WDSS configurations designed to satisfy end-user requirements in hydrology & water resource management, meteorology, aviation and a broad spectrum of industrial applications, including offshore oil operations.



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